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Don't Make This Mistake with Your Job Ad Job Titles!

Are job titles important and can they make a difference? 

Occasionally, our job ad writers here at ApplicantPro will get emails from clients wondering…

Why did you change our official job ad title?

Let me explain why...

Although you may refer to a certain position within your HVAC company with a certain job title…

…for example, maybe you call your receptionist the phone manager…

…this actually may not be the best title to use when advertising your job ad on job boards.

In a job ad, it is most important to use the most common job title that contains keywords that individuals with qualifications for this job would search for.

Keywords severely impact a job ad!

An ad will have a difficult time successfully reaching candidates without using the most essential keywords and titles that are commonly searched for.

Using the example from above, job seekers are more likely to use the keyword, receptionist, than they are to use, phone manager.

If you aren’t using the best keywords, you are more likely to miss out on job seekers who are looking for the kind of job you have to offer!

It’s all about getting your job ad in front of the right people. The people who want to see it anyway!

So when our job ad writers change the job ad title, it’s not due to a difference of preference, it has to do with SEO or Search Engine Optimization.

Our job ad writers have tools they can use to weigh the SEO of the job ad title provided to them with other effective titles to determine which one is most likely to have the best outreach and produce the best results.  

Rest assured, we are not trying to change the job title that you use internally. You can keep that just the way it is!

Candidates don’t tend to mind if the actual job title varies slightly from what was in the job ad, as long as the description of what they will do and receive was accurate.

It may seem like a silly thing to have to give your job a different external name (job boards) than its internal name (within your company), but trust me…

…when our job ad writers have executed this simple switch, we continually see the SEO skyrocket!

Our job ad writers also help clients by making 3 different versions of each job ad. Each version has a slight variation of the job title.

The reason for this is two-fold.

1. The big job boards don’t like when you keep the same ads posted for extended periods, so this is a way to make a fresh listing for positions that you are always hiring for.

2. Rotating job titles may help you reach different candidates who respond better to one variation of the job title than another.

At ApplicantPro, our job ad writers have tons of tricks and experience to help boost your job ads and get them in front of the quality applicants you want to attract.

If you’d like help boosting the SEO of your job ads, managing the job ads on job boards, or with any other hiring struggles, please do not hesitate to reach out.

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