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Let's Improve Your Employee Experience With These Steps...

Do you know what's keeping HR leaders tossing and turning all night? It's that pesky employee retention challenge! According to a recent survey, a whopping 51% of HR leaders are feeling the heat, claiming that holding onto their top talent in 2023 is trickier than years before. 

But, guess what? There's a solution to this problem – it's called "Improving Employee Experience!" 

What do I mean by Employee Experience?

Employee experience (AKA “EX”) is the whole enchilada of an employee's professional life – not just whether they're happy with their job. We're talking about the vibe in the office, how they get along with their colleagues and bosses, the chances for personal growth, work-life balance, and even how well the company has their back when life throws a curveball.

Think of it like a journey, from the moment they walk in the door until they punch out for the day.

What is causing all the employee retention woes?

According to HR leaders recently polled,  “competitors with larger budgets” have been the top culprit for retention woes, followed by “increased employee experience (EX) expectations.” 

While companies might not be able to increase their budgets to compete with other companies, they can do something about EX!

So, how does boosting the employee experience make your retention rates soar? 

1. Enhanced Job Satisfaction: It's like making your job the comfy couch you never want to leave. When employees love what they do, they're not scanning the job ads in their spare time.

2. Increased Employee Engagement: We're talking about turning employees into your biggest fans. They're not just showing up for the paycheck; they're your cheerleaders, committed to your mission, and less likely to take off.

3. Career Growth Galore: Show them the road to success right within your company, and they're less likely to pack their bags…they'll be too busy climbing the career ladder you've set up for them.

4. Work-Life Bliss: The secret to keeping your team happy? Work-life balance! When they can handle work and life without burning out, they're here to stay.

5. High Fives All Around: Recognizing hard work and offering fair pay and perks? That's like the cherry on top of a positive employee experience.

6. Happy employees = referrals: Happy employees are your secret weapon for attracting new talent. They'll spread the word!

What do the majority of employees think of their employee experience these days?

So, here's the scoop – the majority of employees are already loving their EX.  A solid 77% say it's good or better, with only 22% rating it as average or worse. HR managers and employers are doing a fantastic job of making their employees happy.

BUT…we can’t let our guard down!  Employee experience is an ongoing battle and must always be at the forefront of our minds!

A positive employee experience is crucial for job satisfaction, productivity, and the overall success of an organization. When employees have a favorable experience, they are more engaged, motivated, and in it for the long haul, which means better retention and a company that's on the up and up!

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