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Why your company needs ApplicantPro!

In this day and age, the traditional hiring methods are quickly becoming outdated and inefficient. HVAC care management companies across all different industries are desperately searching for a solution to manage applications, reach a wider pool of candidates, and optimize their recruitment processes. What's the answer? ApplicantPro for HVAC, an Applicant Tracking System (ATS) that will revolutionize your hiring game!

What is an Applicant Tracking System (ATS)?

An Applicant Tracking System (ATS) is a software that manages the recruitment and hiring process. It combines the entire hiring process into one platform! From posting job listings to candidate screening and onboarding. 

Why choose ApplicantPro?

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Streamlined Applicant Management

Say goodbye to sifting through countless emails, drowning in spreadsheets, and chaotic filing cabinets. ApplicantPro offers a centralized platform to efficiently manage applicants throughout the entire hiring process.

Branded Career Site

Your company’s brand and employer image are so important! ApplicantPro’s branded career site allows you to constantly showcase your brand throughout the application process. And don't worry, we ensure your mobile site reflects your brand as flawlessly as the desktop site. 

Expand Your Applicant Pool

ApplicantPro goes beyond conventional job boards. It empowers you to effortlessly post your openings on 500+ job boards, including major platforms like Indeed and LinkedIn. Use automated job alerts to attract passive candidates and increase your applicant numbers. 

Efficient Screening and Customization

Customize your application process! You have full control to personalize job questions and automatic disqualifiers to ensure only the most qualified candidates make it through.

Enhanced Manager Collaboration

ApplicantPro provides a centralized platform for seamless collaboration, allowing managers to review applicants, leave comments, and rate candidates efficiently. It also offers restricted user access to ensure control based on departmental needs.

Robust Reporting and Compliance

Stay compliant with ease. ApplicantPro captures necessary Equal Employment Opportunity (EEO) and Office of Federal Contract Compliance Programs (OFCCP) data for reporting. Its extensive report library and custom report builder ensure access to crucial data whenever needed!

Dedicated Customer Support

The amazing software aside, ApplicantPro offers dedicated account managers and a client success team committed to providing optimized support. Ongoing training and support are also provided, freeing up your time to focus on strategic tasks. 

Why does your company need ApplicantPro’s ATS?

In this competitive market, efficiency is everything! With ApplicantPros' help, you will streamline your hiring process, minimize time-to-fill positions, broaden your applicant pool, and enhance collaboration among hiring teams. Our platform not only optimizes recruitment but also elevates your company’s brand by ensuring a positive candidate experience. 

Make the shift to ApplicantPro and witness a transformation in your recruitment efficiency and success.

Remember, in the realm of hiring, time saved is talent gained.

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Boost Your Applicant Flow Today!


applicant attraction funnel

Boost Your Applicant Flow Today!



Don't Wait to Reward Your Employees

Transform your HVAC industry workplace! Explore the shift in employee expectations, embrace a culture of recognition, and meet the challenges head-on. Boost morale, retain top talent, and ensure success!

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Low Applicant Flow? Make Sure Your Pay is in Your Job Ad!

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Boost Your Applicant Flow Today!


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