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Do 80% of Job Seekers Really Want Remote Work?

Let’s talk about work, flexibility, and being human. What attracts quality applicants?

We need to start with a topic that's been hot in the HR world – the evolving landscape of where employees work and recognizing our team members as humans first and employees second.

Do you offer “flexible jobs?”

I’m sure you’ve noticed the massive push for remote and hybrid work. Studies are saying a whopping 80% of job seekers want it. But here's the twist: using the term "flexible" in job ads attracts 7 times more applicants compared to "hybrid." And, "flexible jobs" are searched 29,000 times, while "hybrid jobs" barely make a blip at 12 searches.  That’s a HUGE difference!

What do job seekers really want?

When job seekers say that they prefer remote work, they’re really saying that they want FLEXIBILITY. But flexibility doesn’t have to be attached to purely remote work. It goes beyond the 'where' of work – it’s really about giving everyone the flexibility to be a human being. It’s about letting people balance life and work without feeling like they're sacrificing one for the other.

The old 9-5 desk grind is changing.

Picture this…

A project manager taking a remote day with her sick 2-year-old in tow. At one company, the PM confidently leads a video meeting, but the fussy baby in the background is frowned upon. At another, the PM comfortably presents with her sick child tugging on her collar, and it's not just accepted but appreciated.

Even if you don’t have a kid or don’t want to work from home, which HVAC company would you rather be a part of?

Embracing this shift towards flexibility and the human side of work can totally transform how we do things. It’s about creating an environment where everyone feels valued and happy.

Do your job ads show that you value your employees as people and not just workers?

The data above is a clear signal that our job ads need to show this value to attract today’s job seekers. To be seen and attract top talent, the words you use matter. So how do you translate all this into your job descriptions so it aligns with your company values and open positions?

Start by defining what flexibility for your HVAC company means using the words that job seekers are actually searching for!


Do you mean a flexible schedule?

Do you mean flexible work location?

What kind of flexibility are you providing exactly? 


Then talk about how the position and your company culture fit their need to be seen as a valued member of the team and a human being. 

Feeling a bit overwhelmed with all this remote, hybrid, and flexible work talk?

Our team of job ad-writing experts is ready to optimize your job ad to stand out to potential job seekers and give you the competitive advantage needed to attract top talent.  If you’d like some help with all of this, click the link below and let’s set up a time to chat!

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